As you may have suspected, Albert Snodoloberm is not entirely a real person. He was somewhat created in 2005 – as a mildly sociopathic puppet named Al the Slug. Puppet Al was a much happier version of Albert, kind of cheeky. He would simply lie about being famous…for instance, he claimed to have done the post-production dialogue replacement for various Batman leads.

Then came a decade of making strange feature-length puppet films – and when Al took his turn for a leading role in Hell Leaks Laughter, things went very badly for him. It was a cruel farewell to any celebrity dreams of his. I kind of thought the character was finished, and it was just time to move on…

But I wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole of regret and envy and bitterness and casual paranoia I could take him – so I began performing him as a human, beginning with a play called The Last Video Game. That’s when the character became weirdly autobiographical. Slogging away at making strange existential puppet movies for a decade probably feels not all that different from Albert’s never getting famous…and then Albert’s accent became darker, changing my own voice a bit. I wonder if there’s a word in psychology for it; consciously creating a fictional character that develops a reality quotient equal to your own…..hmmm…..oh well. That Scorpion and Frog fable may be the true answer to it…

To support the continuing misadventures of Albert, there is a Patreon page. Or just buy one of his audiobooks over at Bandcamp – they’re cheap and plenty Albertish.

*puppetless handshake*
Tristan Newcomb